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Newtown online Casino is free for everyone to download now! NTC33 is available to be downloaded in many platforms, like Android device, PC device, and Web version, However, the IOS version is yet to launch. Please stay with us on the upcoming iPhone version of NTC33.

NTC33 is rated as the casino which providing the most number in the mini games. Slot game, online poker rooms, online bingo and more games are waiting for you to discover! Join us in NTC33 before you are being outdated! The number of players is outnumbered by the number of games provided.

Worry on the running speed of the casino? Fred not! All of the games in NTC33 can be loaded in 0.02 seconds/speed run, though the high-resolution of graphics being launched. Download the versions that you interested on, and contact our customer service to register a NTC33's game ID.

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