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Haohao and a bottle of rum! Or ho ho and a bunch of rotations, in our example. Pirates are definitely the top 10 most popular online casino game themes, and we like them no less than casino software providers. The pirate-themed slot machine game is very interesting, usually with cool game symbols, reminding us of the good days of that childhood, when we all dreamed of becoming pirates and plundering ships. Now you don't need to be a gangster to get your treasure - you can just play pirate slots and legally win money without having to survive the storm. There are many related projects on pirated themes, so game developers can choose. In each pirate-style slot machine game, you will see a pirate, a hand wheel, a hook, a black jack (flag instead of a game) and a head and bone logo as a game symbol. As for the game features, anyone will find something that matches the pirate-themed slot machine game. There are two simple classic slots with 3 reels and a few paylines and complex video slots with very detailed graphics, it looks like you are playing a full computer game with various bonus rounds.